ICP 044 | Afijn
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Afijn (DVD)

ICP 044 | DATA IMAGES 03, 2006

Documentary Afijn on composer, bandleader and improviser Misha Mengelberg (77:40)

Music fragments and statements give a clear insight in Mengelbergs original way of thinking and way of working.

Old filmmaterial shows how Mengelberg developped from classic composing by jazz influences to become the godfather of Dutch improvised music.

Extra features:

Pief - cat on the piano, filmed by Misha Mengelberg (1967) (1:53)
Eeko - a duet of Misha and his parrot (1972, 3:13)
Met welbeleefde groet van de kameel
- (With Sincerest Regards from the Camel)(40:22)
(ICP Orchestra and Anthony Braxton - BIMhuis, June 5th, 2005)

- Misha Mengelberg & Han Bennink duo - BIMhuis, September 2nd, 2004 ( 6:28)
- (MM) (4:08) and Gare Guillemins (MM) (7:36)
(Misha Mengelberg and Dave Douglas duo, BIMhuis, April 2nd, 2004)

- MM) (2:36) and
Baltimore Oriole
- (Hoagy Carmichael, arr. By Michael Moore) (5:55)
(ICP Orchestra - Mahogany Hall, Edam, November 26th, 2005)

available in DVD-PAL and DVD-NTSC versions

Camera: Daniel Gallenkamp, Wolter Wierbos, Jellie Dekker
Sound: Dick Lucas
Still photography: Pieter Boersma
Translation: Frank van Herk
On Line: Het Raam Post
Production: Rinus Stroes, Susanna von Canon
Editorial staff: Dick Lucas, Piet Hein van de Poel
Editing and direction: Jellie Dekker
DVD produced by DATArecords
Portrait Francesco Martinelli
Coverart Han Bennink
Cover design Piet Gerards Ontwerpers

Thanks to the BIMhuis for use of their stage, Francesca Patella, Jaap van de Klomp and Dutch Jazz Archives for use of photo material.
The documentary was made with the support of NPS-television

Special thanks to the interviewed:
photographer Pieter Boersma, ICP orchestra manager Susanna von Canon, composer and pianist Guus Janssen, pianist Tomoko Mukayama, composer Louis Andriessen, media and visual artist Wim T. Schippers, saxophonists Ab Baars and Tobias Delius, sinologist Rik Schipper and drummer Han Bennink.


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