Geestgronden 08 | Hollywood O.K. pieces
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Hollywood O.K. pieces

Geestgronden 08

Guus Janssen

Peter van Bergen - clarinet
Vincent Chancey - french horn
Michael Rabinovitch - bassoon
Guus Janssen - piano
Ernst Glerum - bass
Wim Janssen - drums

1  Angelicanzone
2  Slow Step
3  Havank
4  Konitzology
5  Passage
6  Memory Protect
7  Tricot
8  April

Recorded at Luxtheater Nijmegen april 8 2001 by Jurre Wieman

Angelicanzone and April at Bimhuis Amsterdam april 7 2001 by Chris Weeda and Jurre Wieman

Editing Chris Weeda, Guus Janssen

Mastering Chris Weeda

Production Friso Haverkamp, Irene Otter, Guus Janssen

Cover Ger van Elk middlepanel “The Co Founder of the Word O.K.” 1971

Printing Sponsoring Arno van Orsouw Bv Amsterdam


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