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Triple Dutch

DATA images 01 (DVD / PAL only)

Michael Schumacher
During the Holland Dance Festival 2003 dance artist Michael Schumacher improvised one-on-one with:

Han Bennink - percussion
Cor Fuhler - piano
Wilbert de Joode - bass

Han Bennink - percussion (22:55)
Cor Fuhler - prepared piano (22:35)
Wilbert de Joode - double bass (21:48)

These dynamic duets were presented in a series of three nights in the studio of the Korzo theater in The Hague

Lighting - Ellen Knops
Camera - Jellie Dekker, Antoinette Mooij, Ard van Rijn
Authering - Mark Timmer
Editing - Jellie Dekker
Artwork - Han Bennink
Cover photo - Pieter Boersma
Design - Fabrique, Delft

Produced by Holland Dance Festival / DATArecords

This DVD is only available in PAL version, so not suitable for USA and Japan


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