BIM 001 | October meeting 87

October meeting 87 - Part 1

BIMHUIS 001, 1987

various artists

October Meeting 87 was a nine-day musical extravanganza of unsurpassed intensity. Some fifty American and European musicians participated in a day-and-night succession of uncommon, but self-explanatory musical encounters, focusing on the evaporation of geographical and stylistic boundaries.

 Track Listing:

Total Loss - Tribute to Misha Mengelberg
Idea - John Zorn
1  Number One (mengelberg) 7:55
2  G-Blues (mengelberg) 7:31
3  Broezimann (mengelberg)

John Zorn (alto saxophone)
Guus Janssen (piano)
Mark Dresser (bass)
Martin van Duynhoven (drums)

Et on t'a fait douter
Idea - Guus Janssen

4  Et on t'a fait douter (janssen) 11:47

Guus Janssen (piano)
Johannes Bauer (trombone)
Conrad Bauer (trombone)
Wolter Wierbos (trombone)

Christian Marclay and Louis Sclavis
Christian Marclay (four turntables, phonograph records, digital delay)

5  Duo (marclay/sclavis) 27:30
Louis Sclavis (soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet)

Total Time 63:58

All tracks recorded live 16-24 October 1987